Phone Status Quo

Waffle, or Jesper as he prefers to be known, posted a reply about the iPhones-should-be-unlocked issue.(About the name-calling: sorry Jesper, I didn’t know your name when I made my first post. Your blog pages don’t give the name of who posts so… Waffle it had to be.)Even Daring Fireball, oops John Gruber, decided this conversation was link-worthy.Jesper says: “If you seriously think Apple couldn’t have sold the iPhone without locking it to a network, you’re looking at the market through the lens of status quo.“The status quo is today’s marketplace. While not always perfect, basically we all get cheaper phones in return for a raised monthly payment. Apple has to compete in this market and selling a $1000 phone (unlocked or not) is not competitive. If it were unlocked carriers wouldn’t give you a price break, so you’d have an expensive phone with the regular expensive plans. Can you say iPhone Cube?What Apple and AT&T could experiment with is expensive phones and cheap plans. They should be able to sell the phone for $800 and lop $20/month off the monthly bill. Not bad, you’d get a voice+data plan for the price of a voice plan. Hardly a “cheap” plan though. Not cheap enough to make people look twice. So, we get the $400 phone and $60 plan.> If the iPhone paves the road for better (or less crippled) phones, it’s because it’s a good phone.Agreed. There are two separate arguments here, and I think we agree on one of them.


  1. Jesper Said,

    November 5, 2007 @ 5:15 pm

    My name is stated plainly in the About page, linked from the header. But enough of that discussion.

  2. Vnyrdwrshp Said,

    November 6, 2007 @ 7:45 am

    Another simple explanation for (quote)locking(quote) the iPhone is the one Apple actually gives. The server-side software that they designed in collaboration with AT&T is not available with other wireless carrier networks. It’s Simple. You want the Phone experience? Use the hardware (bold) and the software (bold) that Apple designed for you – together with AT&T…