TimeFlyer 2.6 - Timeline Expression


Easy event entry with varied timeline styles
Creating timeline events is easy - you'll be up and running in seconds. As you enter events, TimeFlyer automatically creates an appropriate timescale and lays out your timeline.

New! TimeFlyer 2.6 gives even more flexibility for your timelines. TimeFlyer 2.6 has support for images (for events and a background image!), Common Era date designations, event banding, help documentation, and more. You can even drag photos onto a timeline to automatically create events!

Pasted Graphic 2Present with grace... or impact.Pasted GraphicVertical timelines look great with TimeFlyer!

Pasted Graphic 2

BC/BCE dates are supported too!

You have complete control over colors and fonts. Use transparent backgrounds for easy layering in Photoshop to create amazing effects and titles.


Size in pages, centimetres, or inches
Got a number of pages to fill? Need a graphic a particular size? Set the timeline's size in pages, centimetres, or inches.

Multiple timelines
An "opposing argument" view. Use keywords to determine which side of the timeline events appear on, for example, "Alice's statement" and "Bob's statement". You can even have some events raised above others to create separate bands of events.

Rich text events
Add dazzle with graphics and color!

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Print, export to PNG, PDF

Output, output, output. It all looks cool. Scalable PDF export means you can create images of any size.

Events are searchable
Create filtered versions of your timelines. Enter search terms to narrow down your events. TimeFlyer displays only the filtered events in its view, so you can print multiple versions of your timeline!

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Customize date formats
The time precision of labels is under your control. You can override the date format, to show international formats or even descriptive dates such as "Saturday afternoon", "4Q97", or "2:?? pm". And if you prefer, you can simply enter the text TimeFlyer will show for the date (this works well for adding duration text).

Notes with hyperlinks
Events backed by research?Add links to the information source. Each event in TimeFlyer has a note field just for your own use.


You can zoom out to see everything. Or zoom in to see detail of your work!

Zoomed in

Events in time... placed perfectly.

Calendar entries. Historical timelines. Your photos. Memories.

Print them. Present them. Publish them.

Use them to explain; to dazzle; to convince; to document; to remember.

Visualize time.